LEYAL Ship Recycling Group (LEYAL Gemi Söküm) is the leading ship recycling facility in Turkey. Established in early 1980s, the Company has evolved to become the owner of the largest ship dismantling facilities in the country. With approximately 60,000 square meters dedicated to its operations, the company is capable of processing in excess of 200,000 lightweight tons per year. LEYAL is fully licensed for its ship recycling operations by the relevant competent authorities in Turkey, namely the Ministry of Environment & Urban Planning, the Ministry of Transport & Infrastructure, and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (in Turkey the three ministries jointly regulate the ship recycling industry).

The ship recycling facilities are located near the city of Aliaga on Turkey's Aegean coast, approximately 60 Km North of the port of Izmir. The surrounding area is a well-established industrial province (the largest in Turkey) also in close proximity to two major ports, LNG and oil terminals, power generation plants, major refinery and petrochemical sites. Aliaga is also home to a number of major steel mills (Turkey was the world's No. 9 steel producer in 2015) and also provides easy access to a number of industrial facilities dealing with downstream waste management, disposal and recover.

LEYAL has recycled a wide range of ships and offshore units, including but not limited to FPSOs, FSOs, aircraft carriers, submarines, tankers, containerships and bulkers, with the largest vessels dismantled being up to of 50,000 lightweight tons. LEYAL is the oldest ship recycling company in Turkey, also being the first to have implemented the European Waste Shipment Regulation for the recycling of ships into Turkey in the case of the German Navy destroyer 'Rommel'(2004). LEYAL is also a founding member and board member of the International Ship Recycling Association (2007) and a member of the BIMCO subcommittee that drafted the standard ship recycling sales contact RECYCLECON (2012).

LEYAL is also proud to have recycled the highest profile vessels ever to arrive to Turkey for recycling in the case of numerous FPSOs for the account of a various Oil Major, as well as in the case of the British Navy flagship Aircraft Carriers 'HMS Invincible', 'HMS Ark Royal' and 'HMS Illustrious'. LEYAL is also unique in Turkey to have been successfully vetted by Oil Majors (Shell since 2016, Chevron since 2014 and ENI since 2007) for the recycling of their seagoing fleet.

In 2006, LEYAL became the first ship recycling facility in Turkey to be awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 30000 certification by a leading British assessment, verification and certification body accredited by both UKAS and ANSI-ASQ. [Company Policy - Turkish]

Ten years later, LEYAL became the first ship recycling facility in Turkey to be Certified to the IMO Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships by Lloyd's Register, noting that this was the first such certification issued by Lloyd's Register worldwide. [Press Release]

Subsequently, in December 2018, LEYAL became the first non-European ship recycling facility to be approved by the European Commission DG Environment and join the EU List of approved facilities under the new European Ship Recycling Regulation No. 1257/2013, which entered into force on 31/12/2018. [Press Release] & [EU List]

Working with LEYAL also carries the stamp of approval of the International Ship Recycling Association (ISRA), a Dutch non-government organization formed to promote safe and environmentally sound ship recycling around the world, especially in the absence of globally enforceable "green" standards for ship recycling.

LEYAL's commitment to its workers and to the environment is paramount, having an excellent record for worker safety and environmental protection, and abiding to the most strict national and international regulations.

LEYAL is your reliable partner for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of your obsolete seagoing vessels assisting you in emphasizing your "green" CSR credentials. In a rapidly changing environment, LEYAL's management was quick to recognize the difference between traditional ship breaking vs. ship recycling that contributes to Green Growth by offering a high standard and cost effective operation in line with the new international "green" norms.

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